What is non comedogenic mineral makeup?

Have you heard about cosmetic acne? This is an acne problem that is caused only because of using inappropriate cosmetics. Some cosmetic ingredients, such as artificial fragrances, dyers, parabens and other preservatives may irritate your skin, and the regular use of bad quality cosmetics may irritate skin that is not sensitive or has not been before. The other problem that may cause cosmetic acne is the clogging of pores behind which lies inappropriate usage of powders, foundations or face creams. The solution that has been widely discussed nowadays is non-comedogenic makeup.

This means all types of products that will not clog your skin pores.

Products are the ones that are 100% natural.

These are for example mineral products – we can find mineral powders, comedogenic foundation, concealers and colorized cosmetics on the market. However, some mineral ingredients can be potentially irritating for your skin tone, such as bismuth oxychloride. We can also look for products that contain natural ingredients. These are, first and foremost, natural plant extracts that have beneficial properties: they moisturize, remove sebum and bacteria and tighten pores without clogging them. Such extracts are obtained, for example, from aloe vera, calendula, willow bark or tea tree.


Top makeup brands and natural make up

Mineral cosmetics has been produced for thirty or more years by now, but of course they are inspired by the oldest beauty formulas. Modern beauty products, unfortunately, especially ones produced in twentieth century, had ingredients that didn’t make skin look natural at all. Typical foundation or powder from sixties or seventies was heavy, full coverage, giving an effect of a mask. Apart from that typical cosmetics that could be bought in drugstore were full of chemicals: preservatives, emulsifiers, dyes and alcohol. All these ingredients were chosen to make a cream or foundation smell nicely, be fresh for a long time and kill bacteria, but such an amount of artificial content was not beneficial in the long run.

New formula

New mineral formula was designed in seventies as an alternative for heavy, unnatural, mask-like make-up. From then to now mineral cosmetics were re-designed and now are very popular, as they give natural look, are safe for everybody and may have some therapeutic activity for skin with problems.

Best mineral makeup is not only beautifying but also helps your skin to be healthy. Using mineral cosmetics regularly may help you to look younger. Mineral cosmetics give you a natural sun protection, so your skin does not get sun-damaged. It is appropriate for oily skin as it tightens the pores and makes them look smaller. It works well on skin suffering from acne prone ski and it soothes the redness. It does not contain ingredients that may cause allergic reactions (the most common allergic ingredients in ordinary beauty products are dyers, artificial scents and preservatives, and mineral cosmetics do not contain them).

You can choose best mineral makeup cosmetics from variety of brands; some of them are really affordable and of good quality, such as E.L.F. Studio, which offers fine lines mineral cosmetics that are fully natural and not tested on animals, although you can also pick up from luxurious brands. However, the price of a product is not always the trustful indicator of its quality.

How to choose the best non-comedogenic foundation for you

When choosing the best non-comedogenic foundation for you, the main thing to look at is the ingredients list.

“For people with sensitive, problematic, or reactive skin, it is worth opting for oil-free formulas and stay away from full-coverage, long-wear formulas,” advises aesthetic doctor Dr. Maryam Zamani. “Always consider skin type, skin concerns, the season, skin tone match, and desired coverage.”

“Your ideal foundation should be lightweight, water, gel, or aloe-vera based,” adds Dr. Parisha Acharya, Aesthetic Doctor at London Marylebone’s Waterhouse Young clinic. “Bonus points if it contains salicylic acid for acne prone skin individuals. Look for terms like hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic but remember these terms are not necessarily regulated so still be vigilant of the ingredient list.”

More sheer water-based formulas will leave you with a natural look rather than the dreaded caked-on effect. And of course, those who are plagued with oily skin will benefit from anything that boasts a matte finish.

However, if you’re an acne-sufferer who needs a higher coverage, try and look for something that is non-drying so it won’t catch on your blemishes and start flaking off throughout the day.

Things start getting a little trickier when you have both oily and dehydrated skin, so in that case, it’s best to look out for anything containing hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and any emollients, which will pack hydration into your dry skin without clogging up pores with something heavier.

The best non-comedogenic foundation: tried and tested

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk


Best for most skin types — this is a real glow-giving all-rounder


Coverage: Buildable medium coverageShades and inclusivity: Comes in 40 shades and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skinAdded extras: Micro-fil™ technology

Reasons to buy

+Satiny, non-shiny finish

+Natural-looking glow

+Lightweight but tactile texture

+Customizable coverage

Reasons to avoid

-On the pricier side

Those with oilier skin may be put off just by the name, but don’t. This buildable formula gives a satiny finish to all skin types without leaving any grease or shine in its wake. And the best thing about this customizable fluid that manages to hide any sign of pores, redness, or blemishes despite its sheer-esque consistency? The subtle glow that’ll leave you looking like you’ve actually managed to fit some—SPF friendly, of course—poolside sun in.

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours


A full coverage, non-comedogenic wonder that adds elegance to your dressing table


Coverage: Full coverageShades and inclusivity: Comes in 30 shades and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skinAdded extras: SPF20

Reasons to buy

+Full-coverage but natural finish

+Dewy but grease-free glow

+Applies and blends smoothly


Reasons to avoid

-Can develop shine throughout wear

Full coverage and non-comedogenic don’t often go together, but this foundation seems to tick both boxes with aplomb. This is great for those acne-prone and oily skin types who want to stick with their thick formulas. It will fully hide any imperfections, while even leaving a tiny hint of the best bits of your skin (i.e. freckles and beauty spots) so it’s doesn’t look like you’ve just caked on face paint.

It brushes on smoothly and gives a flushed glow, which is something you wouldn’t expect from a high-coverage fluid. It can develop a little bit of shine throughout the day on oilier skin types, but that’s simply due to the dewy texture that makes it suitable for a wider range of skin types.

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