Cosmetic tattoo – tattooed eyebrows and semi permanent makeup

Many women perform the same make-up routine every day – no matter what the occasion is, they always have liner on their brows, eyelids or lips. Therefore they must spend some time every morning to do the same thing, and we all know those horrible days when you are in rush, are nervous or your hands are shaking and you are just not able to obtain a perfect line.

Cosmetic tattoo

So you waste your time on trying to do your make-up on and on and this may be quite annoying. And, of course, it would be great to look perfect all the time, while you have to cleanse your face for the night. And what about people with poor eyesight, allergic on cosmetics or very active (ordinary make-up is not always the best idea when you’re at gym)? So, is there any good solution? If you are a woman who always has some elements of a make-up on or has any of problems mentioned above, cosmetic tattoo is just for you.

Cosmetic tattoo tattooed eyebrows illustration

Permanent make-up

In fact many of us may think that permanent make-up is always visible and always look like a make-up. But cosmetic tattoos also help people that for example suffer from eyebrow thinning, have scars that prevent hair growth or overcame medical treatment that caused hair loss. Cosmetic tattoos are also used for nipples reconstruction after mastectomy or breast augmentation.

Above all permanent make-up can just enhance your natural face features. So it is also a solution for people who would like to look better, but still natural, as if they didn’t have make-up on at all.

What effects can you obtain with cosmetic tattoo?

You can solve only one problem, for example with eyebrow hair that will not grow anymore because of illness or permanent plucking, or enhance your natural face features in every dimension. Using cosmetic tattooing you can make your eyebrows and lashes look darker and thicker. Your eyebrows can also get a desired shape – you will just have to pluck out hair that grows outside this shape. You can get the colour of your lips embellished or improve their natural shape. Cosmetic tattoo can also be used when you suffer from head hair loss, have scars on head etc.

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