5 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Is So Healthy?

Coconut oil defies the modern assumption that fatty acids are not good for you. On the contrary, coconut oil is a versatile and effective remedy for a wide range of conditions and also works as a preventative treatment. Whether it is applied topically or consumed, coconut oil can fight unhealthy bacteria and miroorganisms as well as viruses and fungus. It is also extremely beneficial for your brain.

But why?

How can coconut oil be so effective in so many ways? In this section we look at how the components of coconut oil help us fight disease and stay strong, healthy, and alert. Then we will look at specific diseases and conditions, so you can see exactly how coconut oil can help you and your loved ones.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

1. Antiviral

– Coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids, giving it a deceptively similar structure to viruses. When a virus encounters coconut oil, the virus assumes it is simply bonding with a fellow virus, but once the virus has absorbed the coconut oil, the medium-chain fatty acids destroy the structure of the virus from the inside. The virus disintegrates and becomes harmless without any damage to human tissue.


2. Antimicrobial

– Monolaurin is as powerful as bleach at removing unhealthy miroorganisms from the body. However, unlike bleach, monolaurin can differentiate between healthy, vital miroorganisms and unhealthy organisms, so it will only “clean out” those miroorganisms that disrupt the body’s equilibrium, providing a healthier balance to the blood stream and digestive tract.


3. Antibacterial

– One of the problems with taking prescribed antibiotics is that they tend to destroy healthy bacteria along with the invaders. The lauric acid in coconut oil will destroy lipid-coated “invasive” bacteria, although it allows the probiotics to thrive. Probiotics are not lipid-coated, which is how lauric acid and monolaurin can identify invaders from the healthy probiotic community. Coconut oil is an effective antibacterial whether it is taken internally or applied externally.

4. Antifungal

– The three fatty acids in coconut oil—caprylic acid, capric acid, and lauric acid—can all fight yeast, which is the base of a fungal infection. In fact, caprylic acid supplements are sold as commercial antifungal treatments. But why buy a pill if you can take your medication straight from nature?

Foot fungus.

5. Fuel

– When you hear the term “fatty acids,” you probably concentrate on that fatal first syllable—fat. But the fatty acids in coconut oil are not stored by the human body as fat. Rather, they are converted into an important energy source, called ketones, which are vital for the repair and maintenance of bone tissue and brain cells.

How Much Coconut Oil Should I Take?

If you want to start taking coconut oil every day for your general health and well-being, your daily dose is determined by your weight. Check out our cooking section to discover innovative ways to incorporate your daily dose into your diet. Or you can simply eat it straight from the spoon!

25–49 lb/11–22 kg1 tablespoon
50–74 lb/23–33 kg1½ tablespoons
75–99 lb/34–44 kg2 tablespoons
100–124 lb/45–57 kg2½ tablespoons
125–149 lb/58–66 kg3 tablespoons
150–174 lb/67–78 kg3½ tablespoons
175 lb and over/79 kg and over¼ cup
Weight in lb/kg Daily dose of virgin coconut oil

The Therapeutic Powers of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been proven to have fantastic healing properties for numerous conditions ranging from Crohn’s disease to pneumonia. It also works as a natural preventative medication, shielding your body from viruses and bacteria that would trigger disease, and it can also help reverse or control degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Low-fat diets

The healthy fat content of coconut oil is one of the reasons it is believed to prevent these conditions. The food industry has been promoting low-fat diets to counteract the damage of trans fats (the type of fat created when unsaturated fats are treated to make them last longer). The low-fat diet combined with the high level of trans fats has made it difficult to achieve the right level of healthy fats in our diets, leading to the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
Coconut oil also aids the absorption of vital minerals such as magnesium and calcium, so it can assist in keeping your heart and bones strong and healthy.

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