Essential Vitamins That Your Multivitamin Should Contain

When it comes to picking the perfect multivitamin, you should always read the tub to see what it contains. Furthermore, it is important what vitamins your body needs and why. Something that should be taught at school is the importance of all the vitamins and minerals that our body requires. The human body is complicated, that is why you need to know what role each vitamin plays to keep us healthy. Here is a quick guide to the vitamins and minerals that you need to look out for with your multivitamin.

Vitamin D

Although this isn’t a vitamin that you necessarily need during the summer months, you do require it during the winter. Vitamin D is also known as the sun vitamin. The reason why is because it is produced naturally by the human body when it is in direct contact with the sun for longer than 15 minutes.

There are many roles that Vitamin D fulfils. One of the vital roles it plays in assisting with the absorption of calcium, which is an essential mineral for keeping our bones and teeth healthy. There are many other positives to Vitamin D such as reducing the likelihood of illness, reducing pain in the bones and reducing bone and hair loss.

If you work indoors all day then the likelihood of you benign deficient in vitamin D is very high. Try your best to go outside at dinner to ensure you are getting your daily intake through sunlight. If you don’t think you can do that then we advise eating egg yolks, fatty fish and fortified foods as they all contain vitamin D.


Magnesium is another mineral that many people don’t understand why it is important. To be honest, we didn’t fully understand the importance of magnesium until we read about it for this article. What the majority of people know is that it is important for both bone health and energy production but, it can help with many other things as well.

For starters, it is believed that magnesium can relax the nervous system as well as possibly help to reduce stress. It is also believed that magnesium can help those who suffer from insomnia or other sleeping issues. Furthermore, it can help with levelling blood sugar levels and can assist with the process of making protein, bone and DNA cells. Last but not least, magnesium can also regulate muscle and nerve function which is why people will take magnesium supplements when going to the gym.


Calcium is a nutrient that is in many foods so it shouldn’t be something that you will struggle to consume. However, you should still look for it in your multivitamin. You must have rough calcium because it helps maintain bone and teeth health. As mentioned previously, many foods contain calcium such as; Fortified cereals, dairy products, salty fish, broccoli and kale, nuts, berries and many more. If your diet consists of a lot of these foods, you are already getting enough calcium.


The next mineral that we are going to discuss is zinc, although we don’t require as much of this compared to others. It is believed that zinc is help to reduce stress and, helps the human body use nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats for energy.


Although this is quite far down the list, it is still an essential mineral that you require in your multivitamin. Iron can help with several things such as better brain function, keeping red blood cells healthy and increasing your energy levels. Red meat is rich with iron so if you know you have a lot of this in your diet, you should be ok. Nonetheless, there is no harm in ensuring that your multivitamin includes Iron.

Vitamin B-12

Last but not least, vitamin B-12. There are many forms of B vitamins however, vitamin B-12 is arguably the most important. The job of this version is to keep nerves and our blood streams healthy. It can also help to create DAN cells which are the genetic material that is required for our cells. Those that consume a vegan/ vegetarian diet will likely be deficient in vitamin B12 as it is often found in foods that are meat orientated.

To Conclude

As you can see, there are many vitamins and minerals that our multivitamin should contain. One thing that we must add is that your multivitamin should contain all the B vitamins if possible. We must get all of these vitamins and minerals through our diet naturally but a multivitamin can give us a little bit of each to help achieve the daily amount.

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