Cheap health insurance for students

The most important feature of insurance health plan is its flexibility. It is obvious that you do not want to pay for anything you don’t need, and that simultaneously you want to have a choice, as your health needs may change over time. When it comes to this important feature, United Health One is an insurance plan that can be strongly recommended for everyone who seeks for a tailored, individual health insurance plan. Here we have some facts about this insurance. Maybe they will help you to make a decision if United Health One is an appropriate choice for you.

For short period of time

Firstly, UnitedHealth One provides you various coverage plans. So, you may choose from co-pay health insurance plan, if you need to visit your doctor often but cannot afford paying 100% cost. If you need a health insurance just for short period of time, you may choose short-term health insurance. This is a good option for example for students or seasonal workers.

If you need only a specialized coverage

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Such as of dental services, you may choose dental insurance plan. Another interesting option is High Deductible Health Insurance, which allows you to save some money on your monthly payments, not paying for some minor medical expenses in your health routine (although medical costs occurred because of injury or serious illness will be covered). Apart from that, every insurance option may be modified to address your needs as efficiently as possible, without additional and unnecessary costs.

Find a health plan for you

On the UHO website you may find a doctor in your area, find a health plan for you and get more information about the insurance. You can also contact UHO experts to get some help with creating an individual health plan tailored for your needs. UnitedHealthOne offers also some health savings accounts. These can give you more control on what your money is spent.

Getting started

Your medical insurance policy is easy – just tell us when you want to start and how much you want to spend.

You will need to put in your name, and date of birth, and the details of anyone else you want to include in the policy. Then you can see the different quotes available to you and compare.

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