5 Unorthodox Workouts to Make Fitness Fun

Workouts don’t have to be mundane and boring. Lifting weights and engaging in the same cardio routine while looking at yourself in the mirror hardly counts as an entertaining time killer after a month or two.

Not only do we require variation, but we also need to incorporate fun in our exercises without compromising on their efficiency. This is certainly the biggest need for people who’re going at it alone and don’t have a workout buddy to train with.

That’s why we’ve listed down some of the most effective yet unorthodox workouts that might have you scratching your head, but will certainly promise muscle gains as well as progress with fat loss.
So, put on your gym workout tracksuits and get ready because you’re about to engage in these extremely fun yet strange workout exercises:


Shadowboxing is an integral workout for boxers. Why should you engage in a boxing workout? The question is why not? Have you ever looked at a boxer and doubted their fitness? Of course not. They’re some of the most durable people in the world who can achieve almost any and every fitness goal. Whether they need to gain weight or lose fat to make weight, boxers rely on their staple workouts to get them to where they need to be.


How does shadowboxing work? It’s easy. Just imagine you’re in a ring with an opponent and imitate a boxing fight with them. You practice posture, movement, strikes, bobbing and weaving, slipping, sliding, and throwing combos without physical resistance. And since it’s all in your head, you can do it anywhere and imagine any scenario you want. You can even throw ridiculously long combos and work yourself out without even needing to hit a punching bag.

Shadowboxing can be done anywhere, which is why almost every athlete engages in it whenever they can. Not only is it easy, but it’s also effective in increasing your heart rate, regulating your bad and good cholesterol levels, and burning a high number of calories.


This might seem the weirdest in the list but it’s more effective than most entrees. Dancing may not look it, but it’s one of the oldest forms of working out that humanity has engaged in at all times of history. Moving to a rhythm is not only fun and engaging but it’s also proven cardio that can be scaled with its intensity.


From engaging in a slow dance, you can take things to another level and go for rapid movements that involve all your muscles. For example, when people breakdance, they usually get on the floor and try lifting their bodies with their hands or even heads. Take the music away and stop the image and you can’t tell the difference between dancing and engaging in calisthenics.

Combined with its psychological benefits (they’re innumerable), dancing makes for the ideal workout that can entertain and engage you while you expend energy exhausting all your core muscle groups efficiently.

Since dancing also involves flexibility and stretching exercises, you’re hitting a whole nest with one stone.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and almost every other stretching and breathing exercise that you can engage in will have more to offer you than just awkward poses. To the outsider, it might seem like people doing yoga aren’t going to have strength, stamina, or even the physique that they want. Whereas, the opposite of all this is true.


The standing, sitting, and even the prone positions on the ground that is involved in yoga work bring your body in balance. Every movement that you make works different muscles of your body, especially those that aren’t worked in normal strength and endurance routines. Almost 10-20 different cardio exercises will work all the muscles that you’ll engage in a single yoga session.

As you learn how to stretch and attain flexibility, you’ll learn to channel your breathing which is way more exciting, difficult and beneficial than you might think. One of the world’s most legendary fighters in history, Rickson Gracie, never did strength or endurance training. He only relied on yoga, breathing techniques, and BJJ as his methods of training.


This is a no-brainer, and it certainly lights a few bulbs in our gloomy dull world up. Take the time out to scout a hilly area (not inhabited by wild animals preferably) that you can explore. It takes a lot to traverse uneven and elevated territory. And if you have a good enough location, you’ll have an amazing view to walk for in the end. Whereas, on your way back, you can jog to make haste as well as to get your heart rate up.


Hiking is recommended because not only does it work a lot in terms of building strength and endurance, it works your lower as well as upper body in an engaging manner, keeping you focused and determined to see it through. Compared to your at-home treadmill runs, this will be much more entertaining and efficient.


Wrestling and grappling sports are some of the most effective forms of physical exercise. In terms of achieving fitness goals, it’s outstanding. In terms of building strength, fitness, endurance, and athleticism, there’s nothing better.

Wrestling and grappling

Wrestlers are powerful people who have learned to take and deliver irresistible force by becoming immovable objects. It might seem scary to be on the other end of a takedown, but as long as you’re doing it on comfortable mats with partners who’re not actively trying to smash you to the ground, you’ll get to learn a lot. And in the process, your whole body will be going through all forms of workouts possible. And don’t worry about putting on singlets, you can work with gym workout joggers as well.

Wrestling gives you strength and the more you do it, the longer you’ll be able to last later on. Since you’re not going to do it professionally, you don’t have to worry about the injuries or the pressure. Just make sure to remember that you’re doing this for the workout and the fun. Keeping yourself engaged in a sparring sport will enable you to find people who’re willing to work with you to achieve goals together.

While that concludes our list, don’t be afraid to try out other ideas similar to these that appeal to your taste. If things get boring in your training, just remember that you’re not limited to what’s in front of you. If all you need is a physical workout, the possibilities are endless.

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