3 Steps for a Good Metabolic Training System Lifestyle

As you progress away from your first 100% focused Metabolic Training System Diet Lifestyle, you have a lot of resources available for making a successful transition to a Metabolic Training System lifestyle. The difference is that you‘ll slowly increase your calories to the highest level that allows you to maintain your new weight. In fact, whenever I work with a client to transition out of a diet phase, the goal is always to significantly increase their calories without an appreciable increase in body fat.

Step 1: Maintain Your New Body Weight and Diet

The first thing that people want to do when they get to the end of a diet is to start eating more. Slow down. The best thing you can do is to continue eating the same as you have been for another 1 to 2 weeks. Sure, you can enjoy a couple of meals that you’ve been missing or have a couple of drinks with friends, but for the most part, stay the course with what you’ve been doing. The longer you can stabilize your new body weight, the easier it will be to maintain that weight.

Step 2: Increase Calories

You can increase your calories in one of two ways.

Change Diet Levels

The first way is to move up one diet Level from the one that you’re currently on. Let’s say that you finished your 28 days of Metabolic Training System Diet on diet Level C. You’ll then move up to the phase 1 version of diet Level D, and follow it per the script. You can continue on Level D as long as you like; or, if your weight is stable—and you find yourself hungry—move up to diet Level E after 2 to 3 weeks.

Move Up the Hierarchy of Carbohydrates Aside from changing diet Levels

The other way that you can transition off of your Metabolic Training System Diet sprint is to move up the hierarchy of carbohydrates . Essentially, you just add more whole grain/starch-based carbohydrates to your diet. This is a little slower, but more carb-centric approach.

You would add these carbohydrates to the meal after your workout; or, on days that you don’t work out, you have them at breakfast or dinner.
Breakfast is the preference for adding the starches on non-workout days. That’s because your liver sugar stores are low in the morning and you’ll have all day to burn those carbs off. However, if you’re a nighttime snacker, or find that your stress levels are particularly higher at night, adding these extra carbs to your dinner is a good option. Eating a larger-carbohydrate meal at night has been shown to provide greater satiety and, in one study, increased weight loss.

This might be because, when people are given more carbohydrates at night, they’re less likely to snack on carbohydrate-based foods after dinner.
Here’s what to add (pick one):

  • ¼ pound raw potato
  • 1 medium yam
  • ½ cup cooked brown rice
  • ¼ cup dry rolled oats
  • 3 cups popped popcorn
  • 1 thick slice wheat bread
  • ½ cup cooked whole wheat pasta
  • 2 corn tortillas

Any one of these is considered a portion of grain/starch that you can add to a meal. After 2 weeks, feel free to add another, and then another 2 weeks after that.

Step 3: Keep Your Activity High

Because of the effects of exercise on how your body handles and processes carbohydrates, it’s important to keep your exercise levels as high as you can.
Find Your New “Why”
When you come to the end of your 28 or 56 days on the Metabolic Training System Diet, you’ll ask yourself, “Now what?”

This is an extremely common response once people lose all of the weight that they set out to drop. For most people, diet and exercise are always framed around fat loss. You’ve been eating and exercising certain ways for so many years as a means of losing weight. Now that you’ve lost the weight, how should you eat and exercise? Why are you even doing it?
You need a new reason why. For the longest time, if you wanted to achieve a goal that was fitness related, your choices were a bodybuilding contest or a marathon. (Again with the extremes!) Fortunately, these days there are a lot of options for fitness challenges you can work toward and train for.

metashred workout

There are many different kinds of events from which to choose. These can range from a simple 5-K to multiple-day races to a bicycling tour to a weight lifting competition. Groups of local Cross-fit boxes frequently host fitness-based competitions to raise money for charity.

metashred workout

Get involved and get after it.

You made a commitment to the Metabolic Training System Diet, and you gave it your all. As a result, you’ve hopefully lost more fat than ever before and achieved your goals. Ride the wave of this commitment and pick your next challenge. What’s your next mountain to conquer? Maybe it’s even a specific mountain. (The Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is on my list.)
What’s your next big personal challenge?

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