6 Tips on How Not To Gain Weight After Detox

30-Second Summary

  • Weight gain and weight loss may vary from individual to individual. 
  • If you’re struggling with maintaining your weight or achieving your body goals this summer or any season, you might need to go an extra mile for that.
  • The general and most common way is detoxing your body with fasting and having a purified diet that is mostly plant-based. Body detox is a nice yet efficient way of cleansing one’s body to lose weight.
  • But apart from detox, what are other ways of not gaining weight? These ways can be surprisingly cheap yet efficient and easy to follow.


The results after detox do not last forever. When you start detoxing your body, you may lose weight as you continue to fast and control your diet. However, as soon as you stop your detoxing routine – your body gradually gains weight again. The reason is that these types of diets and plans are not sustainable over a long period. Don’t stress over it since there are other numerous individuals like you who need a viable solution to this problem. To relieve you from your worries, we’ve gathered the six most effective tips on how to not gain weight after detox. 

These tips will not only cover a healthy diet plan, but we’ll focus on other aspects as well, like building a healthy and fun routine for you, so you don’t get bored quite easily.

6 Efficient Tips on How Not To Gain Weight After Detox

  1. Set Your Goals and Routine

When you’re bored and have nothing to do, especially during summer break, your body gets adapted to laziness. Laying around, having a movie or series marathon on Netflix, or paying regular visits to your fridge can add up to some weight on your body. Instead of wandering and doing nothing, try to invest your time in healthy activities. These may include working part-time, learning new skills, teaching, or volunteering at different places. Hiking, jogging, walking your pets and working out also make much of a difference to your routine. Plan activities with your friends other than eating out – you can try swimming or head to the beach. You may not realize this but setting up goals and routines can significantly impact your body. Instead of a lazy body routine, your movements help your body burn fat and not accumulate it in one place.

  1. Stick To A Healthy Diet

After the detox process, your body is free of toxins as you eliminate high-calorie foods from your diet. The process surely helps you lose weight, but the water weight comes back faster than you can imagine. It’s natural to crave food you haven’t eaten in so long, and it’s also comprehensible that you might want to try it out. Nevertheless, you might get addicted to bad eating habits that would eventually leave you gaining weight all over again if you don’t take care from the start, also you could try Keto GT for great results.

Studies show that fruits are essential for weight loss, especially fibrous fruits. Manage food cravings and lose weight by including fibrous foods, vegetables, hydrating drinks like sugarcane juice, salads, soups, hot cereals, and other fewer carbs foods. If you are craving snacks, then we have some advice for you! Pair a calorie-rich snack with lower-calorie food to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

  1. Follow A Keto Diet Plan

Sticking to a low-calorie diet might be troublesome for some individuals. If you’re of a similar kind, then worry not. All you need to do is follow a keto diet plan that’ll meet your cravings and help you not to gain weight at the same time. It’s a globally popular way of losing weight and improving health where you take in a high-fat diet with low carbs. However, do note that if you have cardiovascular disease, the keto diet is not for you since it is rich in saturated fat, which may make matters worse.

Some keto-friendly foods include eggs, meat, chicken, full-fat dairy products, fatty fish, non-starchy vegetables, etc. Furthermore, limit pasta, sweet foods, bread, and other high-carb sauces. To make the diet more effective, you can use keto products like Keto GT for faster results. Don’t forget to work out and drink lots of water!

  1. Pay Attention to The Breathing

Now don’t get all piled up after reading this. When you inhale and exhale, the body enhances its fat-burning process. Interesting, right? It also answers why the human body starts panting after any workout or run. You can focus on your breathing by doing resistance exercises or workouts like squats, pushups, lunges, etc. Even when you’re out with friends or family for hiking or mountain climbing, you’ll notice changes in your breathing. Try taking out 15 minutes every day for such workouts, and if you can, do weight-bearing exercise.

  1. Don’t Forget to Scale

To track your process, you must notice changes in your body from time to time. An effective way to do this is by stepping on the scale once every week. You can step on it daily, but it might also cause anxiety. So, you need to take care of your sanity and physical health. By scaling, the numbers will remind you of your goals, so you don’t get carried away and stay motivated.

  1. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Workload may cause you stress, which eventually leads to weight gain. When you’re not mentally healthy, you won’t be able to lose weight even if you’re focusing on your diet plan for weight loss and health. To lower your stress, go for a walk every day, drink lots of water, take a cold shower, sleep on time for at least 8 hours, and talk about your worries with your trusted friends.

The Bottom Line

We cannot control why our bodies gain weight, but we can control how our bodies gain weight. Anything’s possible when you’re focused and motivated enough. Remember that each tip mentioned above might not show results on your body since the human bodies vary. You might need to try out each and go for the ones that suit your body the best. Start with a healthy diet plan, then move on with each one. Keep your body goals in mind, stick to the tips, and it will all pay off in the end.

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